Guidelines for presentations

We have compiled some guidelines for your presentations below.

Oral presentations

Time duration for Oral Presentations:

• Plenary Lectures: 25 minutes presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A
• Invited Lectures: 15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A
• Standard Oral Presentations: 15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A

In order to help keep your presentation on time your session chairman will remind you with a yellow card when you have 3 minutes remaining followed by a red card for 1 minutes remaining. If you are shown the red card you should go directly to your conclusion to end your presentation quickly. We apologise for the strict time keeping but 4 parallel sessions requires this for a smooth running programme which will benefit all participating at the conference.

As a general guideline you should calculate 1-2 minutes per slide, so for a 15 minute presentation, more than 15 slides is often too much. Try not to overload your slides with information, keep it brief and easy to follow. As the meeting rooms are quite long, please ensure that the text and figures are large enough to read from a distance.

The following equipment will be available in all presentation rooms for oral presentations:

• Computer Controlled projector and screen
• Laptop (PC)
• Microphone
• Laser pointer
• Standing lectern

We ask everyone kindly to use the presentation facilities provided and refrain from using their own computers, as this inevitably leads to disruptions in the program, and compatibility cannot be guaranteed. Please upload your presentation to the system in the Conference Office the day before your presentation. The presentations will be checked there for compatibility issues.

The computers we provide use Microsoft Windows 10 with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Presentations should be in PPT- or PPTX-format. Alternatively presentation files may be supplied as PDF-files. Page format is landscape with aspect ratio 4:3. Although our computers are equipped with major media codecs, videos in presentations are known to cause problems in certain circumstances. If you wish to use multimedia content, we recommend testing it on at least one other computer. Be sure to either embed the video in the presentations file, or make sure to copy the video files separately.

If your presentation was created on a device not using Microsoft Windows, we recommend saving your presentation also in PDF-format for display on a windows-enabled laptop. We may not be able to give technical assistance on non-Windows devices.

You should save your presentation on a USB flash drive and email a copy of your presentation to yourself, so that if the USB is not accessible or working you can retrieve it from an internet connected computer.


Poster presentations

The format should be size A1 or A0, and must be portrait to fit the Posterboards. Posters must contain authors' names, title of presentation and materials such as graphs, charts, tables and photographs that are necessary to communicate the research effectively. As with oral presentations, the display should not be overloaded with information (this is not an article). The poster should contain enlarged text and key figures that are easy to read from a distance. Poster printing and lamination is the responsibility of the authors.

Each presenter will have his/her own hard standing panel to which the poster will be affixed. A sign for each panel will be provided by the conference organisers and will contain the title of the presentation as submitted, authors' names, and poster number. Posters will be attached to panels with Velcro, which will be provided.

Posters will be on display daily starting on Tuesday afternoon until the end of Thursday. Authors should be available at their posters for protracted discussions particularly during the dedicated poster session. There will be an award for outstanding poster presentations.


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The 11th International Conference on
Magnesium Alloys and Their Applications

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